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Sita Thompson February 3, 2018 No Comments

2018 marks the 2nd year of the SITA Couture / BEST Talent Group association. There’s so much here to celebrate and be grateful for. From Beverly Hills, to LA Fashion week to STYLE Fashion week and Jamaica, we’ve been on a roll with consistent support of each other and great friendship. An awesome excuse to celebrate and have a party!!

Marketing guru Sahar Andrade introduced me to Michelle Lyons, Founder CEO of BEST Talent a little over two years ago.

Our 1st meeting was supposed to be for thirty minutes and went for nearly three hours. In addition to Michelle’s vision for her school, the shows she wanted to do and her goals for expansion, the thing that grabbed me the most was her desire to give her students “a whole lot more” than just the industry standard.  Not just show them how to audition for Fashion week (LA, Paris, NY, Milano), but to actually get them walking the show.

She wanted to build a community where veteran super models and super talent came in and taught the students not only about the business,  but just as importantly how to really bring your best you to plate every time.

“From charm, etiquette and manners to kundalini yoga,  today’s talent has got to have all their ducks in a row. Long gone are the days of just a pretty face. Now you have to be digital marketing savvy, a dang good person laced with sincere charm…and having a deep rooted spiritual practice is always a plus when it come to really owning your inner world.”

I couldn’t have agreed more with her. That first meeting  laid down the foundation of our personal and professional relationship.

Since our first show together I’ve been in awe of the professionalism, beauty and class of her students. They’ve all showed the staying power, and dedication that Michelle and her awesome team  have relentlessly coached. I love that her students get to work with many of cast and crew of Tyra Banks’ Americas Next Top Model,  as well as a slew of other industry moguls. I think its amazing that Michelle gets powerful speakers and coaches in there pull out the students very best.

And I have great regard for how she makes it a point to incorporate yoga and team building activity’s to promote inner harmony within the workspace.

I know managing all of that talent,  coordinating the with the largest fashion platforms in the industry and running a school at the same time must nothing less than exhilarating and overwhelming. But she”s surrounded by the BEST people who pull through every time and this is phenomenal.

I’m proud to know and love this group. Big cheers to many years to come!!


Sita Thompson

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