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Our 2nd annual Organic Spa Magazine show was just as lively and amazing as the 1st but this time even more intimate because our new relationships from last year were now a year stronger!  In addition to bonding with the Spalicious brands and media in attendance, the ah-ha take away for me was the beauty of the bond and the essence of nurture.Sita Thompson OSM Show 2017

Hat’s off to Rona Berg, former editor of Elle and founder of OSM, for her continued dedication to inspiration and education.  Always bringing together companies and media who do their job on purpose, sharing their wisdom and healing with the world!

Somehow this elevated combination of talent really created a sparkle in the air.  We were pretty busy at the SITA Couture booth sharing the new collection and taking pics.  The uni-weave earrings were a hit and I was like a kid in a candy store talking fashion and beauty with the guests.

This year the show was a little bigger and on the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton, half inside half outside, so I didn’t have a chance to spend as much time with the other brands as I did last year.  But the few I did bond with I’d like to share about.Spalicious – OSM Show 2017 Sita thompson  One of them was Urban Ayurveda, a company that provides portable meditation tools for yogis on the road.  Their all in one package includes essential oils, mala beads, meditation cushions, and yoga mats along with a guided CD to take you into bliss wherever you might be.  I personally love this because when I’m on the road I forget at least one or two of these essentials.

Something else that lit me up is that they have  started to put these packages in hotels and travel kiosks with the purpose of introducing meditation to those who want to learn.OSM Show 2017 Sita Thompson  I really love their mission and how they have gotten such great traction especially for people who want to learn about meditation but don’t know where to start.  Great job Urban Zen!!! Thank you.  Another big love moment for me was connecting with Shel Pink of Spa Ritual, and getting some hands on time with her new book, “Slow Beauty“.Sita couture Photo

For those of you who have heard Shel speak or know her personally, I can attest that this book contains all of her magic.  Just the title, “Slow Beauty” puts you in check.  While out on the deck to refill my fruit bowI I quickly got to see my favorite beauty line, ‘Beauty Counter‘.  They were busy as ever making people glow with greatness.

sita thompson OSM

Back at our booth (SITA Couture), it was our Spring / Summer 18′ line on display with our STYLE fashion week show playing in full swing in the back round. The models and writers played and pranced in all the styles, but as we embrace this fall transition time of year there was one particular style that the writers and models alike just couldn’t put down.

sita thompson model OSM Show

Lori Lori Lori… the Lori Wrap.  She’s been called a travel companions best friend, the wrap that the gal was wearing when she met her future husband… that easy go – to piece for all occasions; understated elegance.  There was also big love for Lori’s friend the Kimba leggings and Sky Mermaid Hoodie, but I have to give this show to Lori. There’s something special about that wrap!

sita thompson and friend

It’s a great feeling to know that we provide style that embraces you while your practicing Slow Beauty, frames you when  you’re having a Beauty Encounter,  keeps you cozy while you’re mediating with Urban Zen and gives you a friend to travel with as you read Organic Spa Magazine.

Sita thompson Spalicious

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