My Inspiration

My inspiration at a young age was my love of color, self-expression and making things with my hands. The construction process, the instant gratification of being able to make what I envisioned was awesome. Having a Mexican-Indian organic farmer for a dad, he didn’t understand my passion for fashion, but he did appreciate my love for making things and bought me my first sewing machine.

I was a very energetic kid, from biking, tree climbing, and mud-wrestling with my brothers, sewing became a way for me to focus my abundant energy. My mother taught me how to sew and my step-mom was also an amazing seamstress and botanist. She helped me with my rose garden and taught me how to make homemade popurri. By the time I was 12 I was selling popurri pillows at the local farmer’s market. It was very exciting for me to make my first 20 dollars from something I had made with my own two hands.

Moving forward into my mid-teens I was inspired by a family friend from Europe who was a couture designer. She came every summer to work on my dad’s organic farm and brought us all gifts from her collection. She taught me the difference between ‘Designer’ and the generic brand. When I wore her clothes I felt her, it was amazing. I had the opportunity to study with her at 17 while I was in school at Europe. I didn’t realize it then but she was definitely a huge inspiration to me.

Mother India

We have many Indians that represent India to America, but I’ve never quite seen an American, who represents India to India. From her name, to her mannerisms to the home she has made for herself, she is Indian. The trouble is, she is, but, American! Her name is Sita Thompson and if you ask any of her friends in Mumbai, they’ll tell you that she’s not American, but Indian.


Kathak, the major classical dance form of northern India, is essentially the art of storytelling through portrayal of a variety of traditional characters. This is done through music, song and dance. The word kathak means “to tell a story”. Kathak is derived from the dance dramas of ancient India. A Kathaka is the one who enacts the epic and mythological story’s of ancient times.